The Tantallon India Fund is a fundamental, long-biased, India-focused, total return opportunity fund, registered In the Cayman Islands and Mauritius.  The Fund invests with a 3-5 year horizon, in a concentrated portfolio (25-30 unlevered positions), market cap/sector/capital structure agnostic, but with strong conviction on the structural opportunity, scalable business models, and in management’s ability to execute.



Tantallon India Fund Factsheet

- May 2017


Performance Since Inception

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  Return Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Inception +24.97%                        
2017 +32.33% +8.34% +8.73% +6.73% +6.54% -1.20%              
2016 -5.79% -8.33% -9.98% +11.86% +2.10% +1.89% +5.44% +6.37% +1.66% -0.74% -1.69% -9.26% -2.83%
2015 +0.24%                 -0.14% +1.36% -2.09% +1.14%

Latest Investment Report

Tantallon India Fund, May 2017

The Tantallon India Fund closed down -1.2 % in May, after expenses; the Fund’s relatively sedate performance for the month did mask some significant intra-month volatility as the markets looked to balance, on the one hand, negative headlines on global terrorism, uncertainty over Trump’s socio-economic and tax-reform agenda, and uncertainty over the geo-political and economic implications of Brexit and the US withdrawal from the Paris climate accord, against, on the other hand, a perceptible improvement in global equity risk appetite, relief over the outcome of the French Presidential elections, recovering economic activity in China, signs of a sustained recovery in global trade, and the positive implications for emerging market currencies and commodity economies from a potentially weaker US$.


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Other News

Post card from Iran

There is so little information on Iran you cannot even find the Teheran Stock Exchange on Bloomberg. Yet this is an exchange with a market cap of US170billion, turning over up to US150m/day with zero foreign participation, entirely on the back of domestic mutual fund and retail investors.

News from Ukraine

In Lv’iv on the morning of my departure I attended the funeral of one of the casualties of the “anti-terrorist operation” in Donetsk. Loudspeakers relayed polyphonic chant from impressively hirsute Orthodox clergy to a cluster of old women and an honor guard, smoking furiously and in no mood to be photographed, waiting to transport the hearse the short distance from the altar to a waiting ambulance.

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