Prem Manjooran

Prem Manjooran | Tantallon Capital

Director | Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager for India Fund, Tantallon Capital

Prem Manjooran is the Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager for the Tantallon India Fund, and a Director of Tantallon Capital. Prem grew up in Mumbai and Calcutta. Prior to starting the Tantallon India Fund, he spent 22 years as an analyst and an active investor in the Asian equity markets with The Capital Group. During his tenure at The Capital Group, he worked in Capital's Singapore offices from 1996–1999, and from 2006–2011. Prem's responsibilities included investing in India and Malaysia as a country generalist, the Asian automobile and consumer stocks, the Singapore banks and property companies, and the Hong Kong and Singapore conglomerates. Prem retired from The Capital Group in July2014. Prem graduated from Davidson College in 1992 with a B.A. in Political Science.