The Tantallon Tech & Sustainability Fund is a Cayman Island vehicle that invests in listed equities globally. The fund targets a concentrated portfolio of around 20 names seeking returns from long-term growth companies as well as cyclical opportunities.



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Tantallon Tech & Sustainability Fund, Dec 2017

The fund ended a strong year with a down month as the commodity semiconductor correction continued in early December and stopped us out of several of our holdings. The fund registered a gain of 24.4% in its inaugural year after netting out expenses, a one-time tax payment and performance fees from the gross gains of 29.4%.

The fund’s equity holdings posted gains in excess of 50% for the year. Incremental timing of investment during the first half of the year and a cash level in excess of 15% during the second half of the year are key reasons for diluting these superior equity returns. While cash levels stood again at elevated levels of 45% at year-end as most of our commodity tech exposure was stopped out, we have since built up our equity holdings to above 85%.

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Other News

Post card from Iran

There is so little information on Iran you cannot even find the Teheran Stock Exchange on Bloomberg. Yet this is an exchange with a market cap of US170billion, turning over up to US150m/day with zero foreign participation, entirely on the back of domestic mutual fund and retail investors.

News from Ukraine

In Lv’iv on the morning of my departure I attended the funeral of one of the casualties of the “anti-terrorist operation” in Donetsk. Loudspeakers relayed polyphonic chant from impressively hirsute Orthodox clergy to a cluster of old women and an honor guard, smoking furiously and in no mood to be photographed, waiting to transport the hearse the short distance from the altar to a waiting ambulance.

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